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Popcorn Sales

Popcorn selling 

There are TWO ways to sell popcorn:


~ {Show & Deliver} ~ increase your sales by having product in your hand to show, sell, deliver, and collect money in a single visit!    Also, you can set up with popcorn in front of high traffic retail stores.  All non-sold popcorn can be returned, no risk.


Please check the pack website calendar for store front availability 


Email or text Jim MacGillis to reserve a store front.


~ {Take Order} ~ sell popcorn with sales sheet, take orders, collect money, and deliver at a later date.

Selling Popcorn online  

Submitting Popcorn orders

{Take Order} popcorn orders to Jim MacGillis by E-mail to:

Be sure to provide scout name parent name, den name, count for each item, and total sale $ amount.

I will send a confirmation e-mail for every order I receive. 

If I do not reply, I have NOT received your order.


Money:  Please collect money when taking orders.  Checks made payable to Pack 437.


Payment will be due to Jim MacGillis on Monday, October 29th.

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